The first NFT game from Scary Games consists of a basic system, created to reward holders and players.


Only 1,000 Genesis Monsters NFT Cards will be ever Minted. The monster is an active player in the Scary Doors game. The player visits as many doors as they want, receiving rewards each visit.
Every monster has enough energy to enter at 5 doors per day and acquire SCY. If the player wants to visit more doors, their monster can buy a magic potion that allows him to enter 5 more doors and get more tokens, which costs 2.5 SCY. Each level allows more rewards for the players, as their Scary Level goes up as well.
All the monsters are a unique digital NFT, and they begin at the same level. The monster levels up visiting the Doors during the game. Each 100 Doors visited grants 1 level up through level 500.


100% of the sales from the Doors NFT is reverted to, returning high apy for they holders in Jaws or Cake.
Simply by staking a Door on the game, 10% of all scary token will be shared between 300 Doors holders and rewards through visits from other players
Cake door grants a share of 1/150 of cake pool, and Jaws doors rewarded on 1/150 of jaws pool.



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